Richard Lettieri CV

Richard Lettieri CV
Newport Executive & Forensic Consultants Corporation
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Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 637-0730

Richard Lettieri, Ph.D., QME

1995-Present Private Practice, Irvine, CA
Forensic consultations and evaluations: 730 Evaluations, criminal responsibility, mental state
at the time of the Offense (MDO), mitigation/ aggravation and risk assessment
in death penalty cases, competency to stand trial evaluations, violence risk assessment,
sexual re-offense risk assessment, pre-sentencing evaluations, sexual predator evaluation,
psychological treatability. Workers’ Compensation and Independent Medical Evaluations.
Clinical practice, adults and adolescents: Psychoanalysis, individual and family psychotherapy,.
psychodiagnostic evaluations
1997 – Present

Faculty, New Center for Psychoanalysis (formerly, Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Society and
Institute [LAPSI]). Teach courses in contemporary ego psychology, moral development and
research design. Member, NCP Doctoral Committee.

1997 – Present Faculty, Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst, Newport Psychoanalytic Institute, Tustin, CA.
Teach Freudian theory, conduct training analyses and supervise candidates.
2010 – Present Principle Investigator, Research program investigating the relationship between a
person’s intuitive ability to read another person’s mind and his or her social
1995 – 2000 Faculty, Pepperdine University
Supervise graduate students in Pepperdine’s Doctorate Program in Clinical Psychology.
Teach courses in psychopathology and psychodiagnosis, group therapy and process.
1996 – 2000 Principal Investigator, NCP Research Program
Investigating changes in self and object representations over the course of psychoanalysis, as well
as the effects of treatment on quality of life and health.
1998 – 2002 Consulting Psychologist, Olive Crest Homes and Services for Abused Children.
Psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, psychological testing with sexually abused and sexually
abusive adolescents . Provide staff consultation and training.


1997 – 1998 Charter Behavioral Healthcare Systems
Run psychotherapy groups for substance abuse and dual diagnosed day treatment patients.
1997 Psychologist, California Institute for Women, Chino, California
1996 – 1999 Consulting Psychologist, Park Vista at Morningside, Brea, CA.
Psychological evaluation, psychotherapy and family therapy for geriatric
patients. Staff and family consultation. Inservice training.
1995 – 1998 Consulting Psychologist, Flagship Healthcare Center, Newport Beach, CA
Staff consultations, diagnostic evaluations, group, individual and family therapy with geriatric
patients and family members. In collaboration with Cornerstone Management Corporation, developed the Senior Residential Service Group Psychotherapy Program.
1990 – 1991 Clinical Director, STAT Program, CPC Santa Ana Hospital, Santa Ana
Developed and directed the Short-Term Assessment and Treatment Program (STAT) to rapidly assess, intervene, stabilize, and discharge inpatients to a less restrictive care level. Directed daily clinical staffings, treatment groups, and supervised hospital staff in the rapid treatment of adults with substance abuse and psychiatric disorders. Treatment program based on the START Program, which I developed, wrote (1987) and have copyrighted (TXU 330-967).
1988 – 1990 Consulting Psychologist, Southern California Edison, Rosemead, CA
Reviewed treatment update forms completed by providers and made recommendations regarding the appropriateness of treatment, and the authorization of ongoing care. Consulted with treating psychologists and psychiatrists as necessary.
1988 – 1989 Clinical Director, Mental Health Unit, Midwood Community Hospital, Stanton, CA
Supervised clinical and nursing staff in the intensive treatment of adult inpatients. Directed weekly staff meetings. Provided group psychotherapy. Marketing.
1987 – 1991 Consulting Psychologist, Cost Care, Inc., a Utilization Review Company, Huntington Beach, CA
Reviewed inpatient treatment records and made recommendations to third-party payors regarding necessity of acute hospitalization, length of stay, and appropriateness of treatment. Consulted with treating clinicians as necessary.
1987 – 1989 Consultant, Western Medical Center – Comp Care’s Psychiatric Unit, Anaheim, CA
Group psychotherapy and staffings for patients with diagnosed psychiatric and dual conditions.
1987 – 1988 Consultant, Doctor’s Hospital, Santa Ana Eating Disorder Unit, Santa Ana, CA
Individual, group and family therapy with eating disordered patients and diagnostic evaluations.
1986 – 1989 Psychotherapy and Diagnostic Testing, Care Unit of Orange, Orange, CA
Psychotherapy, family therapy consultations and staffings with patients diagnosed with
substance abuse disorders.
1985 – 1989 Attending Psychologist, Western Medical Center, Anaheim, CA
Individual, group therapy and psychological testing with adolescents, eating disordered patients, substance abusers and severely mentally ill patients.
1985 Psychologist, CIGNA Healthplans of California, Pomona, CA
Assessment and short-term treatment of adults, adolescents, children and families.
1984 – 1988 Consulting Psychologist, People-In-Progress, Anaheim, CA
Consultation with clinical staff and professionals in the management of young adults with developmental disabilities, evaluations and treatment, recommendations as well as providing written reports to the Regional Center of Orange County on the status of developmentally disabled patients.
1984 – 1988 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Chapman University, Orange, CA.
Taught courses in psychopathology and research methods.
1979 – 1984 Psychologist, Barbara Dawson Educational Center, La Mirada, CA
Individual and group therapy with emotionally disturbed and/or educationally handicapped adolescents and children. Psychological testing. Consulted with teachers and administrators on effective management of learning-disabled youth. Developed an implemented in-service training for staff.
1976 – 1979 Internship/Mental Health Worker, Human Services Agency, Orange County Mental
Health, Anaheim and Fullerton, CA. Performed clinical interviewing, psychological
testing and psychotherapy with inpatient and outpatients.
B.S. Degree City College of the City University of New York 1973
M.S. Degree City College of the City University of New York 1975
Ph.D. Degree University of Southern California Los Angeles 1981

Specialization:  Professional Psychology

  Neuropsychology Training Postdoctoral Program, Fielding Graduate Universality 2009-2010
  Mental Disability Law Certificate, New York Law School 2002
  Graduate Psychoanalyst, The Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, Los Angeles, CA. 1991-1997
  One-year training, Structural Family Therapy, University of California, Irvine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science 1985-1986
  Extensive training and consultation through the American Academy of

Forensic Psychology, American Psychological Association,
Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, Orange County
Psychological Association and other institutions in:
sexual offense assessment, re-offense risk, competency to stand trial,
civil and  worker’s compensation law,  law and ethics,  juvenile
evaluations and juvenile transfer to adult court, insanity and MDO, assessment including violence
and suicide risk assessment, impulse disorders, domestic violence,  707and 730 evaluations,

child custody and visitation, forensic testing, death penalty litigation and assessment

  • • Licensed Psychologist, California – PSY8265
  • • Graduate Psychoanalyst, Los Angeles Psychoanalytic Institute and Society
  • • Qualified Medical Examiner (QME), California Dept. of Industrial Relations
  • • Expert Witness Panel, Orange County Superior Court, Santa Ana, CA
  • • Expert Witness Panel, Orange County Family Court, 730 Panel
  • • Expert Witness Panel, San Bernardino Superior Court, San Bernardino, CA
  • • Evaluator, Mentally Disordered Offender (MDO) Program, CA Board of Prison Terms
  • • Behavioral Specialist, California Department of Health – P20425
  • • Psychology Instructor (210813) and Counselor (210812) Credentials, California Community Colleges
  • • Pupil Personnel Credential, California
1997 – Recipient of the Robert Stoller Research Foundation Grant
1999 – 2000 Associate Editor, International Journal of Psychoanalysis
2002 – 2004 Board Member, Orange County Psychological Association: Chair, Public Relations Committee
2003 – 2005 Board Member, The Psychoanalytic Research Society, Section VI, Division 39, American
Psychological Association
  • • Member, American Psychological Association
  • • Member, Association for Psychological Science
  • • Member, National Academy of Neuropsychology
  • • Member, New York Academy of Sciences
  • • Member and Senior Faculty, New Center for Psychoanalysis
  • • Member, Training and Supervisory Psychoanalyst, Newport Psychoanalytic Institu
  • • Member, Committee for the UN, International Psychoanalytic Association 
  • • Member, Board of Directors, Orange County Psychological Association, 2002-2004
  • • Member, Board of Directors, The Research Society, Division 39, American Psychological Association
  • • Clinical Coordinator for the Senior Residential Service Treatment Program, Cornerstone Management Corporation, Flagship Healthcare Center, Newport Beach, CA  – 1996.
  • • President, Clinical Associate Organization, Los Angeles, Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, 1994 – 1995.
  • • Clinical Director, STAT Program, CPC Santa Ana Psychiatric Hospital, Santa Ana, CA, 1990-1991.
  • • Clinical Director, Mental Health Unit, Midwood Community Hospital, Stanton, CA, 1988-1989.

Co-author of E-Val Plus Organizational Appraisal System, an Internet based assessment and problem-identifying method designed to evaluate multiple dimensions of corporate culture, including: leadership, organizational communication, job performance, safety, harassment, workplace policies and discrimination. Utilized to help make contextually specific training, preventative and rehabilitative recommendations.  Copyright, 1999.


Co-author of E-Val Plus Law Enforcement (LE) System, an Internet based assessment and problem solving system designed to objectively appraise the internal dimensions of a police department’s ecology (e.g., policies and procedures, leadership effectiveness) and to make contextually specific training, preventative and rehabilitative recommendations.  Copyright, 1999.


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