Coaching and Consultations


Dr. Bernous and a team of experienced consultants/coaches provide assistance, consultation and coaching to individuals or companies/executives who do not wish to pursue psychological or psychiatric treatment and instead are interested in personal and professional development and fulfillment.


Our coaching/consulting method is designed to help our clients improve their learning, performance and personal development and to enhance their quality of life. Our method is designed to focus on enhancing achievement and fulfillment in a generally well-functioning individual or organization. Coaching clients are often interested in attaining higher levels of personal development and fulfillment. In a collaborative fashion and with your own participation, a coach can help you get relief from painful and stressful situations, achieve emotional freedom, improve your personal and interpersonal relationships, enjoy life more, gain more control over your life, be more productive at work, change unproductive and ineffective ways of coping and stop your self-defeating behaviors. In addition, you can understand yourself better, actualize your potentials and prevent past from interfering in the present.

The essential difference between psychotherapy and coaching is that psychotherapy usually focuses on resolving mental/psychological illnesses or disorders or trauma, whereas coaching focuses on enhancing achievement and fulfillment in a generally well-functioning individual.


Our experts provide coaching and consultation on a face-to-face basis at our Newport Beach office or via internet/Skype. Our certified coaches have been providing their expertise via Skype to their clients around the globe and in the comfort of their home or office, or even while traveling or on vacation. Coaching and consultations are generally not covered by health insurance companies. However, our coaches accommodate their coaching clients by using a sliding scale to reduce their regular fee, depending on the individual’s financial situation or status.

The types of coaching provided by Dr. Bernous include:
  •  Personal & Executive Coaching
  •  Parenting Coaching
  •  Phase of Life Coaching (Retirement)
  •  Pre & Post Divorce Coaching
  •  Pre-Marital Coaching
  •  Love Coaching (choosing a healthy partner)