Executive Administrator
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Behrooz Bernous, Ph.D. 

Executive Administrator

Forensic Consultant


After 25 years of providing forensic and clinical services to Southern California community, Dr. Bernous has brought together a group of experts to provide the same quality services his clients have come to expect from him over the last two decades. He personally oversees each case and consults with the NEFCC experts from the beginning to the end of each case. He also provides forensic and legal consultations to law firms and assists attorneys with their complex forensic cases, including providing assistance with depositions and cross examinations, as well as providing attorney work product privileged reports. He also provides divorce mediation to couples considering or going through divorce. 


Dr. Bernous is also a certified life coach and provides personal and executive coaching to individuals and companies. His consulting and coaching specialties includes; Grief Coaching, Phase of Life Coaching, Transition Coaching, Pre/Post Divorce Coaching, Mental Health Coaching, and Personal Development/Growth Coaching.